Support your local businesses. #StrongerTogether

Stronger Together

When faced with a challenge and uncertainty, I often lean on the quote "Start where you are, and work with what you have." 

This time we are facing amid the response to the Covid-19 Virus, has all of us looking for ways to not only survive, but help one another. When discussing these challenges with other screen printers around the nation, one of them suggested the idea of using what we have, (design, print, and social media) to help those where you are - our community. 

I immediately started looking at the numerous companies and organizations, bands and teams, that have been forced to shut down their source of income. Many of them being our customers. So we decided to start where we are, and work with what we have, to help our community. 

Through this "Stronger Together - even from a distance" movement, we will be selling on behalf of local businesses, a $20 t-shirt. Each of these t-shirts will have a logo of a local business on the front as well as the "Stronger Together" graphic on the sleeve. For each shirt sold, that business will receive $10 directly to the business.

We will offering these shirts as a pre-sale at least up until April 13th. We will then begin production and shipping. We will continue to sell shirts on this site, as long as businesses are unable to open without restriction. 

On behalf of Blk Ankr, our family and all the participating businesses - we say THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT.